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    Skate Tough

    New SCABS® Site Coming Soon!

    New SCABS® Site Coming Soon!

    We've been working on some fun new stuff for you guys and are really excited to share everything with all of you! Stay tuned.

    ~The SCABS® Team

    Smith Scabs - Update to the Elite Elbow Pad

    Smith Scabs - Update to the Elite Elbow Pad

    New Elite Elbow vs. Old Elite Elbow Pads

    We've been talking to a lot of our customers and due to an overwhelming response, we have redesigned our Elite Elbow pads!
    We've made a few slight modifications that help increase mobility and comfort without sacrificing any safety.
    Now the pads shorter on the top (bicep portion), as well as on the bottom (forearm portion). Once you put the new pad on you'll instantly notice the difference. The new pads will fit better, feel lighter, and make you sweat less! 
    Check the specs for yourself! We've taken a photo of the new designed Elite Elbow (below left) and put it next to the old design (below right) so you can see the difference.

    Leopard is in! Show your wild side!!

    Leopard is in!  Show your wild side!!

    Smith Scabs on OC Roller girls

    Leopard Smith Scabs!  In matching Wrist Guards, Elbow and Knee pads!!

    I truly love these!  Just so many colors to chose from.  Show your personality with print and color that fits you.  Avail in Pink, White, Green, Purple and Brown. 

    If you cant find it at your local store order it here.  Thank you for the great pict. @ the OC roller girls.  Skate tough!